Can private sector defend public interest?


Is private investment in developing country agriculture a good thing? Read our latest analysis in “Mixing means and ends”.

How is development aid being spent?

AidWatch Report 2017 reveals EU trends in development aid. For genuine aid targets to be met, please come back in 2052.


Doing business for sustainable development



What is and what should be the role of the private sector in development? Our report provides an answer and clear recommendations.


Together we make the difference! #BlowTheCandle

Climate change, food insecurity, gender inequality, resource constraints, forced migration, financial and economic crises…. We cannot wait any longer: we need to act NOW!

Seeing the bigger picture

What is the impact of EU policies in the world? Get an answer in this report analysing the Impact Assessment.

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Civil Society barred from speaking at the Africa-Europe Summit

Civil Society barred from speaking at the Africa-Europe Summit

Press Reaction – The AU EU Summit should have been a great opportunity for young people from Africa and the EU to exchange and listen to each other’s views. Scheduled to speak, and with speeches prepared, as part of the peace, security, and governance section of the Summit today, instead their contribution was ruled out on the grounds of “rules of procedure” after the objections of a number of delegations. Civil Society reacted to the situation.

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