EU budget: Analysis of the external funding instruments

What is the impact of the future EU budget on migration, sustainable development, Human Rights, Gender or even geographic programmes? Get a detailed answer in our latest analysis!

New funds to the EU Trust Fund for Africa?

What EU Member States and the European Commission should remember while committing new funds to the EUTF for Africa? Find our recommendations in this Policy Brief.

Women's Rights & Trade

Today, at a global scale, women are still discriminated in access to land, credit, extension services, inheritance rights, they earn from 10 to 30% less than men for the same job and they are the first to pay the price of trade deals. Time for radical shift!
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What lessons for the Global Compacts on Migration?

Drawing lessons for the future Global Compacts, CONCORD’s paper focuses on the externalisation of migration and asylum policies implemented by the EU over the last decade.

Aid & Migration - New Report

Does inflation, diversion or conditionality mean something to you? Don’t miss our new report clarifying how EU’s development cooperation and migration agendas are interlinked in today’s EU policies.

What future for the EU Budget?

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How can we measure coherence? HLPF and progress trackers – from Rilli Lappalainen

How can we measure coherence? HLPF and progress trackers – from Rilli Lappalainen

Blogpost from Rilli Lappalainen – Policy coherence for sustainable development is finally starting to break through both in political documents and speeches. Now the development of an indicator measuring the sustainable development target 17.14 on coherence has also been started. Read Rilli’s feedback on the High-Level Political Forum 2018 and get an insight on the progress done in policy coherence for sustainable development.

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Assessing the flow of external migration funding – CONCORD’s position

Assessing the flow of external migration funding – CONCORD’s position

On 19 June 2018, the Committees on Budget, Budgetary Control, Foreign Affairs and Development jointly organised a joint hearing entitled Assessing the flow of external EU migration funding. Fanni Bihari, from ACT Alliance EU, represented our confederation in this public debate aiming at assessing the flow of current expenditure on the migration-related projets and the EU Trusts Funds. Find here the main take-aways of her presentation, a useful summary of CONCORD’s position on that matter.

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Reporting back from CONCORD General Assembly 2018

Reporting back from CONCORD General Assembly 2018

Our 15th General Assembly gathered our members in Brussels for 2 days on June 13th and 14th. The 2018’s edition marked several important milestones for our constituency: new statutes, renewal of half the board and new financial guidelines, without forgetting the sessions on the EU elections 2019 and the future EU budget (MFF). The discussions were intense but rewarded by a festive celebration moment at the end of the first day.

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