The next EU budget: What about development?

Ahead of the EU Council, CONCORD and other umbrella organisations sent a letter to Heads of State and Government on the future EU budget. 

Democracy under attack! Collective call for action

In the framework of the EU Colloquium on Fundamental Rights, CONCORD signed a joint statement calling on EU leaders to stand up for Democracy!

AidWatch Report 2018 is out!

For the first time since 2012, the EU’s aid spending decreased in 2017. Discover all the latest figures and trends in EU Aid in this report.

How to address inequality?

Don’t miss our recent response to the consultation on how to address inequality through EU development cooperation.

EU Gender Action Plan: Transforming lives ?

Is the EU Gender Action Plan II actually improved the lives of women and girls in the world? Don’t miss our new report!

A new Cotonou Agreement?

Get the latest updates and positions on the negotiations of the new EU-ACP agreement in this timeline.

Why should we go beyond GDP?

What is GDP? And why should we go beyond economic growth? CONCORD advocates for genuine measures of progress focusing on the people and the planet.

What future for Europe and the world? – Play the game now!

Latest news

Future EU Budget delay? Funding gap could put vital development aid at risk

Future EU Budget delay? Funding gap could put vital development aid at risk

Brussels, 12 December 2018 – Ahead of the European Council during which the external relations part of the future EU budget will be discussed, CONCORD, the European Confederation of Development NGOs, urges EU leaders to safeguard the amount dedicated to Heading VI (external relations) and agree on the political timeline. The future development aid budget and the European Union’s engagement in addressing global challenges is at stake.

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Learning & Exchange Forum 2018 – Cultural Shift towards resilience

Learning & Exchange Forum 2018 – Cultural Shift towards resilience

CONCORD members gathered in Prague on 26 and 28 November to explore possibilities of a Cultural Shift in NGOs sector. In the current environment where Civil Society Organisations are challenged, criminalised and losing support from their governments and the citizens, the aim of Learning and Exchange Forum 2018 was to explore how and to what extent CSOs need to change their culture and sharpen their values to remain relevant and true to themselves.

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What’s next for the EU Budget?

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