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We are extremely concerned about the impact of the outbreak, both in terms of everyone’s well-being and the ripple effect on our sector more broadly. We will continue monitoring the situation closely, clarifying key issues, and updating this page as the crisis unfolds and more information becomes available.

Our take on EU's proposed global pandemic response

We take a look at the EU’s attempt to assert European leadership in the global response to the crisis and analyse proposed initiatives, while also urging the EU to take a people-centered approach and to make fresh funds available to address the tremendous need in partner countries.

With COVID-19, now is the time to boost aid

Emergencies like the COVID-19 outbreak show so clearly how important it is that the EU invests in the future of humanity. Find out what early figures released by the OECD show about global and EU development aid spending in 2019.

The EU’s new comprehensive strategy for Africa

Find out what the JAES Civil Society Steering Group says about the EC and the EEAS  joint communication on the EU’s new Comprehensive Strategy for Africa

Inequalities Unwrapped: An urgent call for systemic change – New report

Rising inequalities are among the most complex and pressing issues of our century. Our new report calls for a systemic approach and puts forward concrete solutions for EU leaders.


Jargon-busting guide to building a global sustainable economy

Jargon-busting guide to building a global sustainable economy

Do you know the difference between a green economy and a feminist economy? Confused by acronyms like CSR and RBC? And what are Business and Human Rights Guiding Principles anyway? A sure way to lose public interest in and support for building a sustainable global economy is to overwhelm people with jargon.

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EU’s path to a strategy with Africa in uncertain times

EU’s path to a strategy with Africa in uncertain times

On 9 March 2020 the Joint Communication ‘Towards a Comprehensive Strategy with Africa’ was released by the European Commission and the European External Action Service. The Communication will be used as a basis for talks between the European Union and their African...

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What’s next for the EU Budget?

Our timeline compile the major milestones of the process.


Our Presidency Project

Our members from Romania, Finland and Croatia showcase their advocacy work.



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