Director of international programme support and policies in the organization “Light of the World Europe” (Board member of the Austrian Platform).
Johannes Trimmel has been working in the field of development cooperation for NGOs for the last 20 years and has rich experience on practical, policy and political levels across the ‘developing world’ particularly in promoting the concept of inclusive development.
He had travelled widely to plan, monitor, and evaluate programs in developing countries (Asia and Africa mainly) on grass root, regional and national level.
For the last 8 years his focus was on the inclusion of persons with disabilities living in poverty in developing countries. He occupied several positions within the organization “Light of the World” which is a member of the Austrian platform dedicated to ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities in developing countries. He is now the director of International Programme Support and Policies in “Light of the World Europe”. He was elected as the secretary of the board of CONCORD in 2010. He is more particularly working on the link with TRIALOG which is a European Initiative to strengthen the capacities of nongovernmental development organizations and their platforms in the 12 New Member States of the European Union.
Representative of ActionAid International at EU level, Regional Director for Europe and the Americas at ActionAid 
A campaigner for social justice and rights for over a decade, Laura started out as an intern at the European Commission in Brussels in 2001. From there she moved to the European Parliament, working on the impacts of EU development and environment policies on people. In 2015 she completed an MA in Governance and Development at the University of Antwerp specialising in civil society participation. After a two year period working with the labour unions, managing campaigns and communications at Education International, she joined ActionAid in 2007 as Media and Communications Officer for the EU office, then coordinating ActionAid’s advocacy and campaigns work across the EU. She spent a period in 2012 as interim Country Director at ActionAid Senegal. In recent years, she served as a member of the Board of ActionAid France and is now Vice President of the Board of Concord, the Confederation of Development and Relief NGOs in Europe. In 2015 she started a new role with ActionAid as Europe and Americas Director. Laura has a passion for all things related to music, social justice and human rights.

Representative for World Vision International & Executive Director of “World Vision Brussels & EU Representation ivzw/aisbl” in Brussels
Marius Wanders who is Dutch has been working in Brussels in a leadership position in the NGO world for close to nine years. He was educated in Amsterdam at the Royal Marine Academy and graduated in 1968 as Master Mariner. Following his marine career, during twenty years, he was involved in the management and direction of non-profit associations serving the insurance industry and specializing in medical assistance to people struck by illness or accidents while they were travelling abroad. This included a time of over 10 years as the founding Executive Director of EuroCross Belgium (1991 – 2001). This was followed by one year as an independent, self-employed management consultant accompanying and advising organizations on strategic planning and change management processes.
From 2002 until 2010, he served as Secretary General and chief executive of Caritas Europa. Following two consecutive mandates of 4 years, he joined World Vision in October 2010 and has assumed the responsibility as Director of World Vision Brussels & EU Representation.
Marius Wanders have been closely involved in CONCORD since its creation in 2003. In 2006-2007, he chaired the task force on Assessment & Adjustment which led to the renewed strategy and more effective processes and structures in CONCORD. Since the summer of 2010 he has also been an active member of the Financial Task Force of CONCORD. He was elected as a Concord board member in 2011.
Senior Corporate Strategist in Cordaid (Dutch catholic NGO), chair of the CIDSE/Caritas Europa EU- co-financing group and board member of CONCORD
After passing some degree in languages and law, Izabella Toth worked as a language teacher and as a financial staff in the private sector. She started to work in Cordaid as a coordinator of the Dutch national platform of NGO’s in relation to the European Union. She occupied various functions in Cordaid and since 2004 she has been its institutional funds policy advisor. She is also a member of the CIDSE/ caritas Europa EU co-financing group which interconnects the experiences of European NGO’s regarding European policy schemes.
Since 2009, she is the Chair of the CONCORD Financing for Development & Relief Working group and Vice Chair of the CONCORD Structured Dialogue Taskforce. She has been elected as member of CONCORD board in June 2011 as a representant of CIDSE.
President of the Board of the Romanian NGDO Platform, Executive Director of Partners Foundation for Local Development [FPDL] and member of the TRIALOG Advisory Group
Olivia Baciu
Ms. Olivia Baciu is an international development consultant, trainer, and evaluator, having worked in 24 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Americas, Southeastern Asia and Middle East with stakeholders mainly from civil society, public administration and high-level policy representatives. She has substantial expertise in transitional governance and institutional building, in the areas of collaborative governance, multi-stakeholders cooperative change processes, organizational assessment and development, evaluation of development interventions, cooperative strategic planning for nonprofit and public institutions, cooperative advocacy, and multi-sector coalition and partnership building. Ms. Baciu serves as President of the Board of the Romanian NGDO Platform [FOND] for the second term (2013-2015) and as member of the TRIALOG Advisory Group. One of the main achievements of her mandate as President was the successful negotiation and signing of the partnership agreement between FOND and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (March 2013).

Advocacy Manager at the EU Liaison Office of CBM and board member of CONCORD.
Lars has a university degree in Political Science with a specialization in European Integration and International relati
ons. Currently, he is an Advocacy Manager at CBM, working for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in general development policies and processes at the EU level.
He has been active in CONCORD’s working structures for 6 years: at the moment, he’s the Co-chair of the working group on the EU Multi-Annual Financial Framework, and since October 2008 he has been a member of the steering committee of the Policy Forum. Lars has also been active in the Cotonou working group and the Beyond 2015 Campaign. He was elected as a board member of CONCORD in June 2013.

Advocacy and Campaign Manager, Board member of the Spanish national platform (CONGDE), member of the management committee of Solidaridad internacional (Spain) and board member of CONCORD
Carlos Cabo
After two university degrees in Political Science and Contemporary Arab and Islamic Studies, and after passing two master degrees in Development and International Aid and in Evaluation of programs and public policies, Carlos Cabo, gained ten years professional experience in the management of projects in the field of Solidaridad internacional. He worked in the Middle East and in Madrid Headquarters of Solidaridad internacional, either in the planning, programming and management of Development Programs Department and in the Advocacy Department.
He is currently a member of the board of the Spanish national platform (CONGDE) as a representative of the Spanish NGO Solidaridad Internacional. He worked especially on the relation between the CONGDE and the European Union which gave him the opportunity to work with CONCORD. Carlos Cabo became member of the Policy Forum Steering Committee and, to the present, is Chair of the CSO Effectiveness Working Group of CONCORD. He was elected as a board member of CONCORD in June 2011.
Deputy Director of 11.11.11 and Concord Board member.
Rudy has a degree in social sciences and has been working with 11.11.11, the coordination of the Flemish North South movement, for about thirty years. First as responsible for the work with local groups in one of the Belgian provinces. Later he became head of the policy department of 11.11.11. In 2011 he has been appointed as deputy director of this organization. He has been working mainly on major economic issues such as, debt and structural adjustment, IMF and World Bank policy, investment policy, decent work, the role of the financial sector, the financial transaction tax and the millennium development goals.
Over the years he has been involved in the work of several European and international networks. Such as Eurodad (Chair from 1990 until 2000) Eurostep (board member until 2009) , Enofad (the network on finance and development), GCAP. He was intensively involved in the work around UN conferences and EU presidencies. That work implied research, development education work at grassroots level, as well as advocacy and lobbying at the highest level. He was elected as Board member of Concord in June 2012.
Founder and President of the Board of Directors in Fair Trade Hellas and Concord board member. Founder and coordinator in the Greek Bank of Memories. Project Manager & Consultant.
Marina Sarli
After graduating in Agricultural studies in Italy, Marina Sarli worked as a volunteer and international projects Manager in ELIX, a Greek NGO working in environmental, social and cultural voluntary projects, member of the Alliance Network of European Voluntary Organizations.
She became General manager of this NGO in 2007. She has a long experience both in governance and management of CSO’s as Founder and President of Fairtrade Hellas (the only member of WFTO in Greece)
She also worked as a volunteer in many organizations such as an ActionAid supporter and Child Sponsor since 2008 and within Amnesty International. From 2009 to 2011 she was Representing Greece at the Youth & Children working group of the DARE Forum and she was a Member of the Steering Group of the DARE forum of CONCORD. She also participated to the DEEEP EUROPE AID Project of CONCORD in Finland in June 2011 on “Quality and Impact in Development Education”. She has been elected as member of the board of Concord in June 2012.

Director of Campaigns and Policy of Bond (UK national platform) and board member of CONCORD.
Farah has over 15 years of professional work experience in policy, campaigning, and communications. She has been politically active and campaigned for example on women’s rights issues, including human trafficking and tackling violence against women; on trade justice; on the environment including reducing the use of plastic bags, reducing food waste and banning the use of toxic chemicals in Europe.
Before Bond, Farah was a Director of External Affairs at the Motor Neurone Disease Association and a Head of Public Affairs at the Women’s Institute. She has understanding of both national and international political and parliamentary processes, as well as Brussels-based institutions and policy-making mechanisms of the European Union. She has been a trustee of several organisations, and gained volunteering experience as a Local Project Officer in Ghana. Farah has also been elected as a Local Councillor in 2010. She was elected as a board member of CONCORD in June 2013.