The main priority for CONCORD in 2013 is a participatory process amongst CONCORD Members to build a new coherent political narrative for CONCORD and the sector.


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Agents of Change for a better and more just world
These are challenging times for the fight against poverty and injustice. The current unsustainable economic model and its consequences requires new answers from all of us. Concord needs to take on a new role and tell citizens, professionals and politicians a new and sharper story about who we are and what we believe in.
You can help this change happen by feeding your ideas to Concord and 5.000 colleagues across Europe. And you can vote on the ideas of your friends or fellow professionals.
How will my idea make a difference? Because it feeds directly into the solutions that Concord will use to help reshape the future of NGOs. On June 5-6, 2013 Concord will hold its 10th General Assembly where we will discuss your ideas, your concerns and concrete suggestions for action.
We want Concord to be more relevant to you.The more ideas and the more votes, the better can we provide the added value which makes a difference to you and your organisation. Some suggestions for topics have already come in – they concern mainly 4 categories. Have a look and give us your ideas.
Write your own ideas and suggestions – Give up 10 votes to any ideas you or others come up with.

Other ways to take part:
  • Promote questions and debates in your organization or National Platform
  • Participate within CONCORD working structures you are already involved with
Update: Thanks to all those who have taken part so far by answering the survery. 20 pioneers have been selected to take part in two workshops in April and June.
Main Activities
The main activities in this process will take place from March to December fed by some important moments in CONCORD, including:
• CONCORD Policy Forum on 20-21 March
• Leadership Development Workshops at the end of April and in early June
• CONCORD General Assembly on 5-6 June
• Leadership Development Seminar in October
• CONCORD Second Semester Event early December
At the institutional level, some external events will occur during the process: the Council conclusions on the Post-2015 agenda in May, EU-ACP Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Brussels on 16 June, UN General Assembly on 24 September and European Development Days around October / November, both on the post-2015 framework.
Possible outputs
The process is much more significant than identifying any immediately tangible outputs. However, there are plenty of concrete materials that are likely to come out of this exciting debate and which will help CONCORD move on in coming years. In particular, this will input into CONCORD manifesto ahead of the 2014 European Parliament elections –be it through a political narrative or resources telling our sector’s story. We expect the process may generate statements that could inform CONCORD’s work on Beyond 2015 and the European Year 2015. The process will also input into next years’ work on shaping the CONCORD 2016-2020 strategy. Above all, it is for YOU to propose new and innovative outputs!