CONCORD engages in the debate around an effective and progressive EU foreign policy as a means of helping to create lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty. In the context of the 2013 review of the EEAS and building on its 2012 report “EEAS: One Year On. Work in Progress for Poverty Eradication”, CONCORD has focused on three main opportunities for the EEAS going forward.

Key recommendations:

The EEAS and DEVCO need to assume their respective roles as set down in the agreement of 2010

Ensure strategic long-term planning for EU development policy

Sufficient financial and human resources need to be allocated

We need a political commitment from the HRVP on Policy Coherence for Development, with a strong emphasis on the D

At delegation level, there must be a duty to report on PCD which is managed by the appropriate political level

A broader and longer-term view of dialogue with civil society is needed

A qualitative survey and the sharing of good practice with regards to dialogue with civil society during the programming process