The report “Spotlight on EU Policy Coherence for Development” is a flagship report produced by CONCORD every two years since 2009, to raise the awareness of EU political leaders and citizens on the need to apply changes to some European domestic and external policies in order to eradicate global poverty.

The report is prepared by CONCORD members and draws from their analysis and the evidence they can gather, especially through their interaction with poor and vulnerable communities in countries outside Europe.

In 2015, the Spotlight report is declined in a series of thematic policy papers published one after the other throughout the year.

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The first policy paper is on Trade: “The EPA between the EU and West Africa: Who benefits?” In this paper, CONCORD calls for the Members of the European Parliament not to ratify the EPA, because of the negative development impacts it will have.

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The second policy paper is on Tax: “The Role of the EU in ensuring Global Tax Justice”. This paper identifies and elaborates key reforms of the international tax system that the EU must push for ahead of the Addis Ababa conference.

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The third policy paper is on Investments: “Investing for Development? Examines the impacts of the EU’s investment regime on Food security, the right to Food and Land Governance”.

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The fourth policy paper is on Better Regulation: “The European Commission’s better regulation package will it serve poverty eradication and human rights?”

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The fifth policy paper is “Operationalising Policy Coherence for Development: A perspective of civil society on institutional systems for PCD in EU Member States”. A new comparative study that analyses how Member States of the European Union have progressed on operationalising PCD through the establishment and functioning of appropriate institutional tools and mechanisms – especially since 2013 – and how they compare with each other.

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The sixth policy paper is “Coherence for migration and security. And what about Development”

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