Independent report: CONCORD’s expertise valued by decision makers

28 April 2015

By Seamus Jeffreson, Director of CONCORD, the European confederation of Relief and Development NGOs

Dear members, Please find details and the link to an independent study on CONCORD.

I’m pleased that CONCORD is seen as highly representative as a pan-European organization and that European decision makers value our work. This is what we strive for and our decentralized, membership led structure is key in bringing valuable expertise together. The report comes at an important time when we are reviewing our future strategy for 2016-2022 and independent analysis is essential for us to reflect on our successes but to also see how we can improve our work.

Independent report: CONCORD’s expertise valued by decision makers

An impact study on CONCORD’s ‘more and better aid project’ finds that decision makers and member organisations value the confederations work, according to an independent report by Clearcase which looks at a project financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The report focuses on the advocacy and capacity building impact of CONCORD from 2011-2014, using interviews with decision makers and members networks amongst evaluation data.

Key findings: both decision makers and members appreciate the confederation

According to decision makers interviewed from the European institutions, they rated CONCORD’s work 4/5 as relevant to their own, valuing that the confederation can consolidate common positions that represent the NGO sector.

The report says amongst others that:

– Decision makers cited your expertise, praising in particular your role as a “watchdog of EU institutions”, the timing of your interventions (“they understand decision-making processes extremely well”) and the usefulness of your “compact information [and] briefing notes”.

– Your events (public debates, informal gatherings and AidWatch launches) were also mentioned as being valuable to decision makers, with one respondent explaining that “they bring together different stakeholders [..] and stimulate debate and reflection”. One decision maker felt you were particularly strong when being “forward looking and ready to engage in dialogue, rather than trying to sell established positions”.

– Members networks see CONCORD as an influential and valued partner of stakeholders. Member networks feel that CONCORD can really influence policy, with one noting that CONCORD “deserves top ranking in terms of impact”.

CONCORD’s work on the AidWatch initiative, the EU budget and the organizational development and leadership framework of the confederation are all covered in detail in the report.

Read the full report here: link