Since 2005, development NGOs from all 28 EU countries have come together every year through the AidWatch initiative to produce the annual AidWatch report. Find below links to each report since 2006.

CONCORD AidWatch has monitored and made recommendations on the quality and quantity of aid provided by EU members states and the European Commission since 2005. The AidWatch initiative carries out ongoing advocacy, research, media activities and campaigns on a wide range of aid-related issues throughout a year.

AidWatch 2021: A geopolitical commission – Building partnerships or playing politics?

AidWatch 2020: Knock-on effects: an urgent call to Leave No One Behind

AidWatch 2019: Leaving No One Behind: Time for Implementation

AidWatch 2018: EU aid: A broken ladder?

AidWatch 2017: Genuine aid: EU pushes commitment up to 2052

AidWatch 2016: This is not enough!

AidWatch 2015: Looking to the future, don’t forget the past – Aid Beyond 2015

AidWatch 2014: Europe’s Role in financing and implementing sustainable development goals post 2015

AidWatch 2013: The unique role of European Aid – The fight against global poverty

AidWatch 2012: Aid we can – Invest more in global development

AidWatch 2012: Special Report – Making sense of EU development cooperation effectiveness

AidWatch 2011: Challenging Self-Interest Getting EU aid it for the fight against poverty

AidWatch 2010: Penalty Against Poverty More and better EU aid can score Millennium Development Goals

AidWatch 2009: Lighten the load In a time of crisis, European aid has never been more important

AidWatch 2008: No Time to Waste: European governments behind schedule on aid quantity and quality

AidWatch 2007: Hold the Applause! EU governments risk breaking aid promises

AidWatch 2006: EU aid: genuine leadership or misleading figures? An independent analysis of European Governments’ aid levels