The twelfth CONCORD AidWatch report will be launched on October 26th in Brussels. Do not miss this key publication and join our launch event!


Since 2005, CONCORD AidWatch monitors and makes recommendations on the quality and quantity of aid provided by the European Union member states and the European Commission. It focuses on the Overseas Development Assistance (ODA), the main indicator of international aid flow. What did 2015 bring to us? Are we on the right way to eradicate inequality?

The past year has witnessed dramatic political events across Europe affecting  Development Aid. All of these changes alongside shifts in the broader development and finance landscape have seemingly seen a new vision of Aid proposed – a more instrumental approach, one which is more about leveraging in alternate resources to meet the challenges of Agenda 2030. So the question is, what impact will all of this have on EU Aid?

The publication will provide insights on the success, or the failure, of the EU to ensure member states to make significant progress towards the Aid targets: what is the Development Aid budget used for? To whom? And how?
Get answers to all of these questions and many more on October 26th!



CONCORD HardTalk: Is this the end of genuine aid?

The CONCORD AidWatch Report launch will confront the opinion of the diverse development actors on the “new” role of aid. During a 2-our session, we will ask ourselves if 2015 -and beyond- marks the end of aid as we know it.
A great panel of speakers will share their views on two areas: “EU aid at a cross-roads: will the EU choose the right direction?” and “Development Effectiveness at risk”.

Do not miss our great speakers:

We look forward to welcoming you in CONCORD premises on October 26th!

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