What does an effective partnership between EU Delegations and Civil Society Organisations look like? Which impact have the EU roadmaps on the  EU-Civil Society dialogue at country level? Do the EU funding modalities and instruments fit the needs of all Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) whatever their size and role?

Get some answers and the views of a wide range of CSOs on all these questions in our new report. Discover other key findings from the 392 responses to our survey and 15 interviews with CSOs, EU Delegations and Member States embassies around the world.

EU Delegations Report Blogpost

The new EU Delegations report of CONCORD, titled “Towards a more effective partnership with civil society”, offers recommendations to encourage EU Delegations, EU headquarters, EU Member States as well as Civil Society Organisations to improve their partnership, dialogue and coordination. The report based on a broad survey is enriched with five country examples : Cambodia, Honduras, Kenya, Mali and Tunisia.

To present this report in an interactive way, we have developed a dedicated webpage which we invite you to browse and share as widely as possible. The webpage includes the report in 3 languages (EN, FR, ESP) as well as the country examples.