2016 confirmed that solidarity is the only way to effectively tackle the current issues our world is facing. Last year was a critical year, for Member States, the European Union, and the world. Civil society organisations such as CONCORD Europe have an important role to play. Indeed, they can be, if they aren’t already, the drivers for change. Our collective success will come from acting together, embracing our diversity, with one goal in mind: justice, fairness and equality in Europe and the world.

annual report cover page

On the one hand, from our confederation point of view, 2016 was an incredible year! From the implementation of the new strategy to the first Learning and Exchange Fo- rum, this year was filled with new challenges, reflections and innovative activities on which our members collectively worked harder than ever. Together they fought for our vision of a world where people enjoy their right to live free of poverty and exploitation as well as their right to enjoy well-being and equality.

On the other side, last year generated a lot of worrying momentum on the political spectrum, showing that xenophobia, racism and hate are narratives against which we have to dedicate our daily effort. In the current political arena of alternative facts and shockingly inhumane policy moves, we have to collectively ACT FOR CHANGE.

Johannes Trimmel

CONCORD Europe President

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