We are currently looking for a Consultant to develop a set of toolkits for workshops and presentations delivered by CSO in the frame of their work with EU Delegations, with a view to encourage audiences and participants to take leadership and active part in debates. The Consultancy is meant to last 6 months.


The EU policy and institutional framework recognises and promotes the central role of civil society in development, democratic governance and in building equitable and inclusive societies. In recent years the EU has intended to develop a more strategic engagement and structured dialogue with CSOs in partner countries. The EC Communication The roots of democracy and sustainable development: Europe’s engagement with Civil Society in external relationsas a starting point, marked the beginning of a new era for EU support to the multiple roles of civil society and it had concrete consequences on the relations between the EU Delegations and CSOs in partner countries. In this context, CONCORD is assessing the quality of the relationship between CSOs and EU Delegations through its EU Delegations Report with the latest one “Towards a more effective partnership with civil society”.

CONCORD will also engage, follow and evaluate the implementation of the EU Gender Action Plan in order to draw lessons that show it is possible to use development effectiveness principles to inform development cooperation plans and projects.

Several regional workshops will be held in partner countries to increase the ability of CSOs to participate in and monitor the EU Gender Action Plan and to actively engage with the EU Delegations. To support the organisation of the workshops, a toolkit will be developed with the help of a consultant (or group of consultants).

We are looking for

Consultants are expected to have:

  • Background in education or pedagogy
  • Excellent and creative command of English
  • Excellent drafting skills
  • Sense of initiative, proactive working attitude
  • Experience in preparing and  facilitating international and multi-cultural workshops for civil society
  • Familiarity with EU development policy from a civil society perspective, with a focus on  gender.
  • Proven experience in developing and/or facilitating capacity building materials or participative workshops for  CSOs
  • Solid knowledge of CSOs in development, their roles, needs, capacities and the challenges they are facing;
  • Ability to visualise processes and topics by preparing and using graphics, charts and diagrams
  • Experience in working with CSOs, in particular communities

Application Procedure

  • Please send a CV outlining your relevance expertise for meeting this assignment along with a technical proposal on how you will undertake this assignment, including a suggested number of days and their distribution between the time frame, the different tasks and phases of the work and your day rate (including VAT).
  • Send your application to zuzana.sladkova@concordeurope.org
  • Deadline to apply: 31 May 2017 at 17.00 (CET)