On 22 November and  in partnership with the S&D, CONCORD hosted an event in the European Parliament to discuss the first findings of an ongoing research on the EU Trust Fund for Africa. How is the fund being used? Who is it reaching? What are the consequences? These and other questions were raised and found answers from Members of the Parliament such as Elly Schlein, Malin Björk, Judith Sargentini, Cecile Kyenge, Didier Verse from the EU Commission and civil society organisations.


Launched in November 2015 at La Valletta and introduced as an innovative tool allowing for a more flexible response to the challenges posed by irregular migration, the EU Emergency Trust Fund (EUTF) is the main financial instrument for EU’s political engagement with African partners in the field of migration. The EUTF makes predominant use (90 percent) of Official Development Assistance (ODA), mostly from the European Development Fund, and as such, its implementation should be guided by the key principles of development effectiveness.

Yet, on the basis of 3 country studies (Libya, Niger and Ethiopia), the preliminary research questions whether the EUTF’s implementation (in Libya and Niger) is actually guided by the key principles of development effectiveness, or if it constitutes a diversion of aid justified by the EU’s migration policy, namely in limiting the number of arrivals in Europe.

After the presentation of the main findings by Andrea Stocchiero from CONCORD Italia, MEP Elly Schlein, chairing the debate, raised her concern about the impact that the instrument has on the ground, on people’s lives and on EU partnerships, a concern shared by NGOs and other legislators such as Malin Bjork (MEP). This morning’s discussion was a first presentation and exchange with policy makers on a research that will continue, in order to understand where and how the money is spent, and to who’s benefit.

The full report will be published soon. Until then, have a look at the short version (mini report).


If you could not attend the discussion, you can watch the live streaming below.