Brussels, 13 February 2018 – In light of ongoing reports in the media of sexual exploitation and abuse by staff employed by NGOs in partner countries, CONCORD, the European Confederation of Relief and Development NGOs, wants to deliver the following message:
CONCORD unreservedly condemns the actions, recently reported, of the individuals who were found guilty of sexual misconduct and abuse of power in Haiti and Chad in 2011 and 2006. CONCORD expresses its sympathy and solidarity with the victims. We expect those responsible to be held accountable for their actions.


CONCORD believes, as a representative of civil society development organisations in Europe, that our sector should have the highest standards of responsibility and accountability for its work. We should all reinforce prevention and redress mechanisms in the sector. We stand ready to work with our members, with donors and other relevant parties to do what is necessary to ensure those participating in development programmes and, in particular the most vulnerable, are protected.


The role of development cooperation and aid in the fight against poverty and for global justice remains as vital as ever. These actions cannot overshadow the important mission and values of development NGOs and the thousands of staff and volunteers dedicated to eradicate poverty and fight against all kinds of injustice.

Johannes Trimmel, President

Laura Sullivan, Vice-President

Seamus Jeffreson, Director