Digitalisation is one of the key and most dynamic mega-trends influencing development today. Under digitalisation we understand any sectoral reform or a change that is driven by new digital technologies such as cloud computing, big data and analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, internet of things, DNA sequencing and social networking… These are terms you might have heard of or you are highly familiar with.

What does digitalisation mean for you and your organisation? What have you implemented already? What kind(s) of impact do digital technologies have on your work today and/or will have in the near future?

In order to map how European NGOs and CSOs are using and juggling with these concepts, CONCORD, together with FOND Romania, launch a survey aiming at identifying the current trends in our sector.

We would like to invite to take part in this survey which will help us to understand how the future of development cooperation will be shaped in the digital era by taking twenty minutes of your time to tell us about your experience so far.

The survey consists of 5 sections:
  1. Information about your organisation
  2. Your familiarity with digitalisation and its presence within your work
  3. Your position on digitalisation and selected trends happening because of the digitalisation
  4. Digitalisation consequences for development agenda
  5. Role of the civil society in the digitalisation for development

We invite you to complete the survey by 6 April. The results of the survey will be used as a basis of CONCORD positioning on digitalisation for development.

Thank you very much for the time dedicated to this important piece of work!