What did 2017 bring to the development sector in Europe? The annual report of CONCORD encloses the biggest achievements of our confederation in the field of development aid and reports on the main statutory elements needed for a transparent and accountable constituency.

The Annual Report provides an excellent overview of the work, strategy and objectives of CONCORD in 2017. We are pleased that we can look back positively on this year and see that our work has been fruitful. In 2017, advocating for the implementation of the Agenda 2030 in Europe and beyond has been one of the top priorities (e.g. “Blow out the candle campaign” for the 2nd anniversary of the SDGs and the Monitoring paper). Twenty seventeen marked an important step in the promotion of civic space (with for example the EU Delegation Report and the paper on 5 alternative narratives to EU-Africa Partnership). As every year, we monitored the quantity and quality of aid through our AidWatch report, among other outputs. One new area of work we focused on was the role of the private sector, with our papers “10-point roadmap” and the “Mixing means and ends“. But these are just few examples. To get the full overview, read the report below.

At this point, we would like to thank all our members and partners who made and make this work possible. Of course, there are still more challenges ahead and CONCORD will continue its work with its members and other civil society organisations across Europe to advocate for an inclusive, fairer and more sustainable world.



For CONCORD, raising our voice and advocating for the ambition of the 2030 Agenda to move at the heart of European politics, including their direct and indirect impact on people experiencing poverty, social injustice and inequality in developing countries, has been a priority in 2017 and will remain a priority in 2018 and beyond.


I would like to see a Europe that takes up current and future challenges with a positive spirit, with a commitment to try out transformational ideas, and most importantly with real consideration of the people and the situation they are in.


Johannes Trimmel

CONCORD President