What is CONCORD?

CONCORD is the European Confederation of Relief and Development NGOs. We are made up of member organisations representing more than 2600 NGOs and are supported by millions of citizens across Europe.

We are the main interlocutor with the EU institutions on development policy. We are a member-led organisation which means that the members give the strategic direction of the Confederation.

Every Word Matters


We envision a world in which people live free of poverty and exploitation. This must be achieved by a people-led transformative agenda based on social justice and gender equality and respecting diversity and the limits of our planetary capacity.


We work together to ensure that European policies promote sustainable economic, social and human development, addressing the root causes of poverty, and based on human rights, gender equality, justice and democracy.

How we achieve

transformative change

We work in three main ways to achieve transformative change:

Act as an advocate towards the EU and influence European development policies together with our members 

Convene and connect European networks and national platforms to exchange expertise and learn from each other

Use collective intelligence and brainstorm with allies to explore innovative solutions and new ways of working and to strengthen the resilience of our sector.

Johannes Trimmel

President, CONCORD

“Our work challenges the systemic root causes leading to so many people being left behind with no perspectives of a good life.”

Tanya Cox

Director, CONCORD

“The main aim of CONCORD is to influence the EU so it puts people and planet first, reforms our systems so as to fulfil people’s human rights and ensure their well-being, and ensures transparency and accountability by all those in positions of power.”

CONCORD 2018 annual report

Twenty eighteen marked the 15th anniversary of our confederation. In 15 years, the world has changed and the challenges we face now are bigger than ever. How is the Development community affected by these global challenges? What are the trends in the sector?

The reflection starts with our Annual Report 2018 which provides a good overview of the past year’s activities. The report includes our biggest achievements and reports on the main statutory elements needed for a transparent and accountable constituency.

In 2018, we continued calls to put people and the planet first in European political and policy processes. We stayed committed to putting our energy into a transformative agenda of the people, for the people and by the people. Only through collective action can we bring about the changes our planet and its people deserve.

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