What is CONCORD?

CONCORD is the European Confederation of NGOs working on sustainable development and international cooperation. We are made up of 57 member organisations representing more than 2600 NGOs and are supported by millions of citizens across Europe.

We are the main interlocutor with the EU institutions on sustainable development policy and international cooperation. We are a member-led organisation which means that the members give the strategic direction of the Confederation.

Every Word Matters


Equal, just and inclusive societies in a sustainable world.


To influence and challenge EU decision-makers, fostering a vibrant civil society and forging synergies and alliances across the world, so as to transform systems and power structures and build equitable and inclusive societies in a sustainable world.

How we achieve

transformative change

We work in three main ways to achieve transformative change:

Act as an advocate towards the EU and influence European international cooperation together with our members

Convene and connect European networks and national platforms to exchange expertise and learn from each other

Use collective intelligence and brainstorm with allies to explore innovative solutions and new ways of working and to strengthen the resilience of our sector.

Rilli Lappalainen

President, CONCORD

“Let’s make the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development work for getting rid of inequalities by strengthening our collaboration with CONCORD Members and allies.”

Tanya Cox

Director, CONCORD

“The main aim of CONCORD is to influence the EU so it puts people and planet first, reforms our systems so as to fulfil people’s human rights and ensure their well-being, and ensures transparency and accountability by all those in positions of power.”

CONCORD 2023 Annual Report

Our Annual report captures the joint work of our Confederation in 2023, including the work priorities we have undertaken, publications, advocacy initiatives, and our financial figures.

In 2023, we stepped up our efforts to foster the move towards meaningful, inclusive and safe civil society engagement in Europe, we worked in both traditional and newer policy areas, as well as strengthened our role in key European Union policy and programming processes. During the last year, we reached considerable milestones and successes such as hosting our first Equality Day, shaping the Global Gateway CSO platform, and launching our report Who holds the lion’s share? A closer look at Global Europe Funds for CSOs to influence the mid-term evaluation of the NDICI-Global Europe and the mid-term review of its programming, to name just a few.

2023 also marked CONCORD’s 20th anniversary, a joyous occasion to revel in our accomplishments, reminisce about cherished memories and redouble our efforts for the future. These goals were achieved through the continued support and dedication of the members of our Confederation, as well as the partners and allies we have the privilege to work with. We are very grateful for this collaboration and hope to continue working together in promoting equal, just, and inclusive societies in a sustainable world.

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