CONCORD Europe, together with some of our members, were present at the just ended European Development Days 2019, themed “Addressing inequalities: building a world that leaves no one behind” which took place on the 18th-19th of June in Brussels.

During a panel on “Fostering inclusive growth – Matching efficiency with fairness for sustainable economic development”, our Director, Tanya Cox, questioned the definition of inclusive growth and pointed out the need for radical change in the measurement of progress and GDP. Next to speakers from governmental agencies (CIDCA) and International institutions (EC, World Bank, UN), Tanya Cox challenged the economic model by demonstrating how it does not facilitate the wellbeing of people but seems to rather benefit the already hugely wealthy 1%. If nothing drastic is done, the problems we face will keep on being exacerbated and the repetitive talks about reducing inequalities will still continue unabated.

The reactions to the questions and suggestions raised seemed not to have resonated on the other speakers who continued to push for the same old narrative of job creation, and growth through the lens of an ill-functioning economic system.

The earth is a closed system, not an open market.

If we do more of the same, we get more of the same, soaring inequality.

Tanya Cox

CONCORD Director , CONCORD Europe

On the second day, together with our member Humanity and Inclusion, we welcomed Margaret Arach Orech, a human rights and disability advocate from Uganda, as the voice of CONCORD Europe to speak on the significance of collaboration in reducing inequalities at the Closing Ceremony of the European Development Days 2019.

Other highlights of the European Development Days include the participation of our members at various sessions and stands. Among those, we can highlight the interventions of the “Frame Voice Report” and the “What’s religion got to do with it?”, made of a coalition of several members.

The EDDs are also a unique opportunity for our members and allies to shine a light on new reports, so did the SDG Watch with its report “Falling through the cracks” in which CONCORD contributed and ActionAid with “Collect more –  and more fairly?