Agenda 2030 – the train we cannot miss to achieve climate compatible development!

Agenda 2030 – the train we cannot miss to achieve climate compatible development!

2015 was without doubt an important year, with Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement pointing the world in promising new directions, and with the adoption of the Sendai Framework and the Addis Ababa Financing for Development Agenda as additional important milestones. 2015 can also be described as a year in which landmark decisions were made in meeting rooms and conference halls.

Breaking open institutions with voices from the ground

When Neva Frecheville joined CAFOD in November 2012, the role included co-chairing the Beyond 2015 with her friend and colleague, Mwangi Waituru, and convening advocacy for the Participate initiative, a global network of 18 organisations aiming to bring high quality evidence on the reality of poverty into the post-2015 debate.

Let’s dare to engage in new partnerships!

Remember that Goal 8 of the MDG’s agenda was to “develop a Global Partnership for Development.” It is one of the ‘non-achieved’ goal. Although the ‘targets’ to achieve were very diverse in nature (debt, ODA, LDC, the private sector, etc.), it is surprising that civil societies involved in the MDGs agenda would not proposed for themselves an ambitious ‘target’ about our own partnerships?

Fiscal Agent for All Partners and Taxpayers

A fiscal agent for all partners and taxpayers? Yes, initially successfully located in the North and subsequently located in the global South with a responsibility to serve the work of the Beyond 2015 Campaign on all continents. While the flow of development aid and finance is usually from the North (developed countries) to the South (developing countries), the Beyond 2015 Campaign chose, on merit and after a competitive process, a unique organisation as its fiscal agent: the Africa Disability Alliance (ADA) based in Pretoria, South Africa.