Policy coherence for sustainable development

What’s the issue?

Policy coherence for sustainable development can support countries to achieve sustainable development, whereas policy incoherence can seriously undermine it. For example, EU trade policy might create economic gains for the EU but have devastating impacts on partner countries’ economy and their poorest communities.

By committing to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the EU has promised to address policy incoherences and to find compromises for policy conflicts. In practice, however, the EU is not always coherent in its policy-making.

Change we want to see


No policy conflicts

The European Commission seeks solutions to policy conflicts guided by the 2030 Agenda.


eu is accountable

The European Parliament is a ‘watchdog’ and holds the European Commission accountable on PCD commitments.

national policies monitored

Member States assess, monitor and report on the external impacts of national policies.

What we want the EU to do

Policy changes are needed to prevent negative impacts of non-development policies, like trade, in partner countries.

Mechanisms for ensuring policy coherence for sustainable development must be used more systematically and efficiently by all relevant EU institutions and all Member States, including at the highest political level.

Five speakers talk about the interconnection of EU policies.

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The new EU Commission – is it actually good news for sustainable development?

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