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Survey on Digitalisation for Development: current situation and future trends

Digitalisation is one of the key and most dynamic mega-trends influencing development today. The Internet of things, big data, automation, robotisation, artificial intelligence, cloud computing…. These technologies are driven by digitalisation. In order to understand how the future of development cooperation will be shaped in the digital era and to map how familiar European NGOs and CSOs are with these concepts, CONCORD and FOND Romania launch a survey which we invite you to complete by 6 April.

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Reporting back from the launch of the GCE Funding Study

On 8 March 2018, CONCORD launched  its report on GCE “Global Citizenship Education in Europe: How much do we care?”. Why should we care about global citizenship education? How much funding goes to GCE in Europe? How much should we invest in Global Citizenship Education? These questions were addressed in the report and discussed by the panellists, including experts from DEVCO and UNESCO.

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New Report on Funding Global Citizenship Education in Europe

While Global Citizenship Education is recognised by many as a powerful tool to resolve the current global challenges our world is facing, the level of investment by national governments remains limited. Why is that? To answer this situation, CONCORD launches its new report “Global Citizenship Education – How much do we care?”. Based on a research across all EU Member States (+ Norway), this publication reveals the level of funding dedicated to Global Citizenship Education in Europe between 2011 and 2015.

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EU prioritising security over peace-building negatively impacts development aid – New Report

While today less and less aid is spent in least developed countries, the EU increasingly spends ODA in favour of national and foreign policy and security interests. The new CONCORD report explores the use of EU aid to respond to security threats and warns the EU of the negative impact this has on sustainable development.

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