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Multiannual Financial Framework : Making the case for a strong EU development cooperation budget

The European Union has demonstrated great leadership in making the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Paris climate agreement or human rights conventions. The next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) will need to reflect these existing commitments and provide the EU with the sufficient budget to positively contribute to development cooperation.

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Civil Society barred from speaking at the Africa-Europe Summit

Press Reaction – The AU EU Summit should have been a great opportunity for young people from Africa and the EU to exchange and listen to each other’s views. Scheduled to speak, and with speeches prepared, as part of the peace, security, and governance section of the Summit today, instead their contribution was ruled out on the grounds of “rules of procedure” after the objections of a number of delegations. Civil Society reacted to the situation.

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Private sector and development: The EU is not doing enough!

CONCORD in the news: This article by Isabelle Brachet, CONCORD expert on Sustainable Development and EU Policy advisor at ActionAid, on the role of the private sector in Development has been initially published in Euractiv. To ensure business enterprises play their role in generating more and better jobs and contribute to the transition towards a green and sustainable economic model in the Global South, the EU needs to adopt in-depth reforms.

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Today, less than one euro out of 5 reaches least developing countries. OECD, time to reverse the trend.

Ahead of the DAC high-level meeting, CONCORD encourages the OECD to ensure aid maintains a laser focus on eradicating poverty and sustainable development for all. The outcomes of the meeting could reinforce current worrying trends for EU aid: decrease of aid to least developed countries, increase of conditionality and securitisation of aid as well as an increase of in-donor country costs reported.

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