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Over 230 NGOs join our call for the Europe We Want

The 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome is a huge opportunity to take stock of how far Europe has come – and how far we still have to go – in order to offer a sustainable and prosperous future to everyone in Europe. Going in that direction, more than 230 Civil society organisations and trade unions have signed the joint statement entitled “The Europe we want: Just, Sustainable, Democratic and Inclusive” which has been sent to EU leaders.

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60 years of European Union : Join the mobilisation in Rome

On March 25th, the European Union will turn 60, the Treaty of Rome that founded the European Community, has been signed 60 years ago from now. This week, EU leaders, EU citizens and EU civil society will gather next week in Rome to celebrate this milestone and organise several events and demonstrations around it. CONCORD and its allies will be there too. Don’t miss the actions listed in the blogpost below.

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EU Delegations Report 2017 “Towards a more effective partnership with civil society?”

What does an effective partnership between EU Delegations and Civil Society Organisations look like? Which impact have the EU roadmaps on the EU-Civil Society dialogue at country level? Do the EU funding modalities and instruments fit the needs of all Civil Society Organisations whatever their size and role? Get an answer and discover the other key findings in our new report “EU Delegations – Towards a more effective partnership with civil society”.

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NGOs funded by the EU: your accountability is being put into question!

On February 6th, CONCORD participated in a workshop in the European Parliament organised by the Budgetary Control Committee on the Study “Democratic Accountability and Budgetary Control of NGOs Funded by the EU Budget”. This recent study is key for NGOs funded by the EU as it addressed important issues such as transparency and accountability, the functioning of the Financial Transparency System and the Transparency Register. Read the key findings and suggestions on how NGOs should tackle the criticisms mentioned in the report.

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Human rights? Irrelevant for EU migration policies!

On the occasion of the EU leaders meeting, taking place in Valletta on February 8-9, CONCORD expresses its concern that Official Development Assistance (ODA) is increasingly used for the promotion of European migration and security interests. This is policy incoherence in its worst form, ignoring the EU Treaty obligation for Policy Coherence for Development and the 2030 Agenda’s commitment to Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development.

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What will the Maltese EU Presidency work on?

From January to June 2017, Malta is chairing the EU Council. In that framework, civil society organisations, such as SKOP (Malta’s national NGDO platform and member of CONCORD) will use this opportunity to promote development education and raise awareness on development and cooperation policies. The following article will guide you through the Maltese priorities as well as the main development activities covered under the Presidency.

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