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“How will you work for Sustainable Development?” CONCORD’s Litmus Test for EU leaders

With the European Parliament elections around the corner, new EU leaders are about to take on their posts. CONCORD’s new paper puts these leaders’ priorities to the test and asks: “How will you work for sustainable development?”

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The EU’s development work is put under the microscope – and CONCORD reacts

The EU, as a member of the OECD Development Assistance Committee, has recently had its development cooperation policies reviewed by its peers. Despite noted accomplishments, CONCORD underlines several recommendations of this assessment.

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The upcoming presidency trio needs to set Europe on a sustainable path

Romania, Finland and Croatia recently published the Trio Programme for their upcoming EU Council Presidencies. The Trio Programme sets the joint political priorities for the presidencies and does not suggest radical changes, but puts emphasis on jobs and growth meaning business as in EU politics. European NGOs would like to see human rights based policies aiming at well-being within planetary boundaries.

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Future EU Budget delay? Funding gap could put vital development aid at risk

Brussels, 12 December 2018 – Ahead of the European Council during which the external relations part of the future EU budget will be discussed, CONCORD, the European Confederation of Development NGOs, urges EU leaders to safeguard the amount dedicated to Heading VI (external relations) and agree on the political timeline. The future development aid budget and the European Union’s engagement in addressing global challenges is at stake.

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