Annual Report 2021: Contributing to innovative and meaningful partnerships

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Our 2021 Annual Report looks back on a year of “Contributing to innovative and meaningful partnerships”. 2021 was the year of planning the future, thinking out of the box and consolidating CONCORD’s role in achieving equal, just and inclusive societies in a sustainable world.

The global pandemic and intersecting crises continued to underline the interconnectedness of our world. In 2021, CONCORD continued its work in contributing towards innovative and meaningful partnerships. Together, our efforts strove towards harnessing the power of people in creating change and transforming systems and structures.

Our Confederation continued broadening its connections with actors in partner countries. To give just one example, this culminated in our advocacy around the AU-EU Summit, which brought civil society together in shaping the new EU-Africa partnership and in contributing to the adoption of the post-Cotonou Agreement. CONCORD also supported the European Commission in implementing the GAP III, launched its Digital Community and urged EU and UK leaders to ensure equal access to the vaccine through the #Vaccines4All campaign.

In March 2021, we have also kicked our 2023-2026 strategy process that continued throughout the year with our members, allies and critical friends to guide us along the way with invaluable discussions and contributions.

Working towards our overarching objective of tackling inequalities, this report presents highlights from our Confederation and our working structures.