Inequalities unwrapped: An urgent call for systemic change

Friday, November 22, 2019

Rising inequalities are among the most complex and pressing issues of our century. Protests around the wold show the urgency of the matter. How can we tackle this multidimensional problem to ensure no one is left behind? Our new report calls for a systemic approach and puts forward concrete solutions which should guide EU leaders to reduce different forms and drivers of economic, social, environmental and political inequalities.

Inequalities come in different shapes and can reinforce one another. The difference between the richest and poorest people and countries continues to increase, both in terms of wealth and income. Socially constructed norms continue to privilege one group over others. People and countries across the globe have unequal access to political decision-making, public services or natural resources. And the consequences of climate change as well as the resources to prepare for or recover from them are unevenly distributed across the globe.

Understanding the dimensions and drivers of these various forms of inequalities is essential to identify the most appropriate and sustainable solutions for this complex global challenge. Our report calls for a systemic change approach to tackle these challenges and gives an insight into how the EU, its Member States and the international community can address this pressing matter, for people around the world and generations to come.