Proposals for mainstreaming equality in international cooperation

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

With the joint adoption of the 2017 European Consensus on Development, the European Commission, Parliament and Council committed to mainstreaming the reduction of inequality in their development cooperation; to systematically integrate equality into all domains of EU development cooperation in order to reduce inequalities worldwide

The success of this commitment depends not only on conducting research of the multidimensional and intersectional nature of inequality in partner countries, but also on the findings being taken forward, when formulating, monitoring and evaluating programmes and projects, through policy dialogue and when providing technical assistance. However, tangible guidelines and training for staff behind this commitment are yet to be developed.  

In this paper, CONCORD provides concrete proposals for how equality should be mainstreamed in EU international cooperation. Only when staff are provided with the necessary guidance, tools and training will it be possible to systematically integrate equality in their daily work, leading to a much-needed institutional cultural shift.