Talking Development Episode 1 with Tanya Cox: Beyond growth

Thursday, May 9, 2019

What is at stake during May’s European Parliament Elections? In this first episode of our short series of podcasts, CONCORD’s Director Tanya Cox urges us to vote for politicians who will rethink our economic system to serve all people and the planet. 

We proudly present Talking Development, our new short podcast series ahead of the European Parliament Elections. We kick off with an interview with the CONCORD’s Director Tanya Cox discussing the need for a radical economic paradigm shift to redirect wealth from the top 1% in order to benefit the well-being of the planet and all people.

How can we overcome this unfair economic system? What are alternatives to our current focus on GDP growth? And what can each one of us do to push towards a system which puts a priority on well-being rather than profit alone? Watch the full video or listen to our podcast below to find out!