Global Citizenship Education & People Engagement

Global Citizenship Education and all forms of awareness raising and campaigning supporting active engagement of people are crucial for global justice. As we come to the Sustainable Development Goals’ age, it will become even more important to engage citizens throughout Europe to recognise the interlinked nature of global issues and contribute to a fairer and more sustainable world.

This is why we target the EU institutions as well as the development actors themselves to challenge the classic approach to international development and address the root causes of inequality to tackle them. We believe that global citizenship education is a key tool in gaining a critical understanding of the world around us and in creating an active global civil society.

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The change we want to see:

  • Global Citizenship Education: We want the European Policies at EU and Member State level to be in line with the target 4.7 of the Sustainable Development Goals. We want them to reflect commitment to Global Citizenship Education, including with financing.
  • Gender Equality: We want the gender perspectives on sustainable development to be better conveyed in our network and through our work.
  • Paradigm Shift towards sustainable global development: We want to develop a critical dialogue within the membership and our political narrative on universal values underpinning the paradigm shift (especially development education, global learning, campaigning and public fundraising activities).
  • Public Pressure for Global Justice: We want to create spaces for members to promote citizen’s engagement and action for global justice by strengthening our political work.

Latest news

Annual Report 2018 – Fifteen years of collective actions

Twenty eighteen marked the 15th anniversary of our confederation. In 15 years, the world has changed and the challenges we face now are bigger than ever. How is the Development community affected by these global challenges? What are the trends in the sector? The reflection starts with our Annual Report 2018 which provides a good overview of the past year’s activities. The report includes our biggest achievements and reports on the main statutory elements needed for a transparent and accountable constituency.

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Learning & Exchange Forum 2018 – Cultural Shift towards resilience

CONCORD members gathered in Prague on 26 and 28 November to explore possibilities of a Cultural Shift in NGOs sector. In the current environment where Civil Society Organisations are challenged, criminalised and losing support from their governments and the citizens, the aim of Learning and Exchange Forum 2018 was to explore how and to what extent CSOs need to change their culture and sharpen their values to remain relevant and true to themselves.

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