2010 - 2015

TRIALOG started in 2000 to support civil society organisations (CSOs) in the enlarged EU that were active or interested in development cooperation and development education. Over the last 15 years, TRIALOG has accompanied all 13 new EU member states (EU13) through the creation of national development CSO platforms. TRIALOG has supported the establishment of policy dialogue on development at national level and the engagement of EU13 CSOs at EU level.

TRIALOG V started on 1 October 2012 with a project duration of three years. Since the beginning of TRIALOG in 2000 a lot has changed within the scope, mandate and target group of the project. Most of the 13 countries that have joined the EU since then were receiver countries of Official Development Assistance until they joined the EU and had to create development cooperation structures, policies and programmes from scratch. To support this process, TRIALOG has been leading activities in different fields including capacity building, information distribution, policy support, networking and advocacy on national and European level.


TRIALOG activities aim to increase development expertise of CSOs in the enlarged EU. They are complementary with the activities of EU13 development CSO platforms and their members and designed through a participatory process.


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