Digitalisation and NDICI Programming

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The aim of this document is to provide practical guidance to civil society organisations participating in the consultation process of the programming of the new EU external single instrument – Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation (NDICI). In this guide, a pyramid of digital needs provides a framework for digital development that can be used from the design stage to understand and address barriers to digital inclusion in partner countries.

This is more relevant than ever as digitalisation is no longer an option – bringing with it contradictory opportunities and risks. If used well, digitalisation has the power to create a fairer and more sustainable world for all. If left unchecked, digitalisation could exacerbate inequalities and threaten universal human rights and fundamental freedoms. From access to news, to medical support, to education, to online government services, the internet has become a necessity. Those who remain in the analog world risk being left behind.