CONCORD is the European Confederation of NGOs working on sustainable development and international cooperation.

We envision a world where people live free of poverty and exploitation. This must be achieved by a citizen-led transformative agenda based on social justice and gender equality and respecting diversity and the limits of our planetary capacity.

We are the main interlocutor with the EU institutions on sustainable development policy and international cooperation.

We work together to ensure that European policies promote sustainable economic, social and human development, addressing the causes of poverty, based on human rights, gender equality, justice and democracy.

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We work on eight themes, tracking developments in these areas, advocating for change and working in a cross-cutting manner between them.

Financing and funding for sustainable development

Inequalities and sustainable economy

Policy coherence for sustainable development

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Implementing the EU Gender Action Plan III: Turning ambition into impact?

2023 marks the mid-term point of the implementation of the EU’s Action Plan on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in External Action 2021–2025 (GAP III).

GAP III is an ambitious policy, and it is important to monitor the actual impact it is having on the lives of women and girls in all their diversity in the EU’s partner countries, and to readjust the course of its implementation to better respond to their intersectional needs and rights.

Our report reviews GAP III implementation in three carefully chosen local contexts: Morocco, the Philippines, and Kenya, and focuses on how the new and potentially transformative elements of GAP III – a gender-transformative and intersectional approach – have been applied in practice.

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