How will you work for sustainable development?

New EU leaders are about to take on their posts. CONCORD’s paper puts these leaders’ priorities to a litmus test and asks: “How will you work for sustainable development?”

EU Presidency Project

FOND, Fingo, CROSOL and CONCORD have launch a website dedicated to the EU Presidency Project; a platform to showcase our advocacy work connected to the EU Presidencies both nationally and internationally.

A new Cotonou Agreement?

Get the latest updates and positions on the negotiations of the new EU-ACP agreement in this timeline.

Why should we go beyond GDP?

What is GDP? And why should we go beyond economic growth? CONCORD advocates for genuine measures of progress focusing on the people and the planet.

What future for Europe and the world? – Play the game now!

Latest news

CONCORD at the European Development Days 2019

CONCORD at the European Development Days 2019

CONCORD Europe, together with some of our members were present at the just ended European Development Days 2019, themed “Addressing inequalities: building a world that leaves no one behind” which took place on the 18th-19th of June in Brussels.

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