Calling for a stronger GAP III

The Gender Action Plan II will soon come to an end. CONCORD is calling for the adoption of a new Gender Action Plan and has compiled its key messages in this document.

How will you work for sustainable development?

New EU leaders are about to take on their posts. CONCORD’s paper puts these leaders’ priorities to a litmus test and asks: “How will you work for sustainable development?”

For an effective cooperation with EU Delegations

Don’t miss our new handbook on “EU Delegations unwrapped : A practical guide for Civil Society Organisations”

EU support to sustainable development worldwide

This document showcases CONCORD’s views on EU contribution to sustainable development worldwide by the analysis of the Joint Synthesis Report of the European Commission.


Inequalities Unwrapped: An urgent call for systemic change – New report

Inequalities Unwrapped: An urgent call for systemic change – New report

Rising inequalities are one of the most complex and pressing issues of our century. Protests around the wold show the urgency of the matter. How can we tackle this multidimensional problem to ensure no one is left behind? Our new report calls for a systemic approach and puts forward concrete solutions which should guide EU leaders to reduce different forms and drivers of economic, social, environmental and political inequalities.

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Is European Aid Effective? New Report

Is European Aid Effective? New Report

Aid is not only about quantity, it is about quality too! It needs to reach the people who need it the most. Our new paper “Who owns Development Effectiveness? A European Reality Check” analyses how EU aid is actually used for. This paper puts forward a series of recommendation based on some selected indicators which sets the scene for achieving a more effective and inclusive aid.

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The Ideal Interview of Josep Borrell

The Ideal Interview of Josep Borrell

Next week, Josep Borrell will be facing the European Parliament for a hearing during which he will be tested on his suitability for the role of High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. CONCORD came up with interview questions that MEPs could ask during the vetting process as well as the ideal answers that the HRVP designate could use to prepare for the interview. Time to imagine the perfect candidate and play the role model!

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What’s next for the EU Budget?

Our timeline compile the major milestones of the process.


Our Presidency Project

Our members from Romania, Finland and Croatia showcase their advocacy work.



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