La coherencia de políticas para el desarallo de la UE

Con este informe, CONCORD pretende destapar algunas incoherencias entre las políticas de la UE y los objetivos de desarrollo. Según lo dispuesto en el Tratado de Lisboa, la UE tiene el compromiso de eliminar la pobreza en los países en vías de desarrollo.

Welcome to our new website!

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Working Structures

CONCORD is made up of various working structures and groups that help it coordinate common positions and activities among its members.   AidWatch Beyond 2015 Climate Change and Development Task Force (PCD) CONCORD Financing for Development Task Force CONCORD EP elections taskforce CONCORD Financing for Development Task Force CONCORD EP elections taskforce CONCORD Advisory group […]


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EU must stop bio-fuelling injustice and hunger in Africa

The European Union’s biofuel policy continues to threaten food security and increase land grabs in Africa. Joint media reaction by CONCORD, EuropAfrica, CNCR and FIAN.

CONCORD General Assembly 2012

Members of CONCORD gathered together in Brussels on June 5-6 for CONCORD’s 2012 General Assembly. With both Board Members and President to be elected, it was a landmark occasion as members voted to elect Joanna Maycock, Head of Europe in the NGO ActionAid, to take over the reins of Justin Kilcullen of Irish NGO Trocaire, thus closing a […]

European Development Education Monitoring Report

The European Development Education Monitoring Report – “DE Watch” – was initiated by the European Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group on Development Education. It is part of the ongoing process and efforts by the European community of stakeholders in Global/Development Education to discuss and shape common perspectives, concepts, standards and co-ordinated policies in their area of engagement.

Reader 2012: report on contract procedures for EU external actions

CONCORD, through its Funding for Development and Relief (FDR) working group, has compiled a Reader on the 2010 Practical Guide to contract procedures for EU external actions (March 2011 update). This Reader serves as an important tool for NGOs and EU officials to interpret the complex rules of the European Commission in the area of contractural […]