Civil society launches two new tools for worldwide implementation.

Following participation to the 1st meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation earlier in October, civil society through the Open Forum process launched two new tools to apply civil society’s standards of effective development, expressed in the International Framework for CSO Development Effectiveness and recognized by the Global Partnership agreement.

The Practitioner’s Activity Guide to the CSO Development Effectiveness Principles is a training methodology to transmit the collective experience behind the International Framework to help civil society organizations (CSOs) take the first planning steps towards improving their effectiveness by applying the eight ‘Istanbul’ Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness.

The CSO Effectiveness Wiki is an open online platform where civil society practitioners can access and share tools and resources on implementing the CSO Effectiveness Principles and advocating for a more enabling government and donor policies and practices.

These resources will be instrumental in civil society’s work to live up to the commitments in the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation and cooperate with the other development actors towards a more enabling space and a development which is human-rights based,  as well as more inclusive and sustainable.