EU member states are off-track to meet their aid quantity and aid effectiveness commitments, and are increasingly prioritising self-interested aid policies that are reflecting their own immediate security, migration and commercial interests.

Key findings

  • On aid quantity pledges, figures by the OECD show that the EU has fallen far short of its collective 0.56% goal for 2010, with the gap amounting to nearly €15 billion. Overall, EU aid represented 0.43% of GNI in 2010. The bloc is now clearly off-target to reach 0.7% of GNI by 2015.
  • Our estimates show that EU member states reported approximately €5.2 billion of inflated aid in 2010 (debt cancellation, spending on student and refugee costs in donor countries).

  • Aid as a proportion of GNI is forecast to amount to a disappointing 0.45% in 2015, the final deadline for meeting the MDGs.