The EU remains the world’s larget aid donor but a number of European countries have begun to slash aid budgets in the wake of the financial crisis. EU aid fell for the first time in a decade by €500 million. Find out how each EU country performs on aid, and how much of aid is really ‘genuine’.

Key findings

  • 9 EU countries beat aid targets, but Germany and France missed the mark in 2011. Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Malta (the only EU 12 country), Belgium, Finland and Ireland all met their targets. Germany and France however are way off track, both giving less than 0.5% of their GNI to development aid.
  • Aid budget cuts are becoming a major trend, with €500 million slashed from total EU aid spending in 2011. 11 EU countries cut their aid levels last year, with 9 countries planning further cuts in 2012. Spain and Italy are likely to face the biggest cuts; 53% and 38% respectively. Total EU aid amounted to €53billion in 2011.
  • 14% of EU aid or €7.35 billion didn’t reach developing countries in 2011. Genuine Aid, that represents a real transfer of resources to developing countries, is highest from Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK and Ireland.