EU governments have failed to make strong commitments to future aid targets.

“We urge EU member states to be courageous in the future discussion on the EU budget and to support the European Commission’s proposal to increase funding for external action from 5.7% to 6.8% of the total MFF and the proposed significant increase in development aid.” says Concord Director, Olivier Consolo

European leaders did not commit to a strong funding for development aid in the next EU budget or Multi Annual Financial Framework (2014-2020).

Concord, the European confederation of Relief and Development NGOs, regrets that EU leaders only agreed on general principles rather than taking courageous decisions.

Even in times of economic crisis it is crucial that EU leaders don’t allow the current context to overshadow reflection on and investment in the future of the EU and its role in the world. This role should be ambitious, and the fight against poverty should exemplify that ambition.

Concord is concerned that unless Europe’s leaders commit to a strong budget in the ‘Global Europe’ part of its budget (Heading 4) progress in many sectors will come to a halt, and important development goals will not be achieved.

The Council conclusions only makes a vague reference to Official Development Commitments:

“ODA: the European Council welcomed the second annual report on European Union Official Development Assistance and reaffirmed its commitment to achieve development assistance targets by 2015 as set out in its June 2005 conclusions.”