EU weak at Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, South Korea.

CONCORD participated along with many of its members at the major aid summit last year in Busan, South Korea.

Despite the European Union being the the world’s biggest aid donor, we felt it was sidelined at the summit.

Former CONCORD President Justin Kilcullen speaking at a press conference back in December 2011 said:

“The European Union failed to show leadership at the summit.”

“Despite contributing €53billion to development aid a year, the EU allowed a watered down agreement on global aid reform to accommodate geopolitical agendas. European Member States were fragmented and the EU leadership suffered.”

“We are concerned that several important measures such as co-operation between developing countries -South South cooperation – ended up only being proposed on a voluntary basis as the final outcome document reveals. If the EU had of stepped up its game, Busan could have delivered stronger results for global development.”

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