CONCORD understands the importance of working and cooperating together at the global level.

Beyond 2015 logoCONCORD is committed to working with global civil society in formulating the post-2015 development framework when the deadline for the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) passes. Beyond 2015 seeks to create a civil society consensus around a minimum standard of legitimacy for a post-2015 framework, both in terms of the process and the framework itself. The campaign unites behind one vision; that a global overarching cross-thematic framework succeeds the MDGs reflecting Beyond 2015’s policy positions and that the process of developing this framework is participatory, inclusive and responsive to voices of those directly affected by poverty and injustice.

CONCORD is similarly dedicated to working with global partners and reinforcing the links and alliances with actors and networks from the South.

MESACONCORD are partnered with ‘Mesa de Articulacion de Asociaciones Nacionales y Redes de ONGs de America Latina y el Caribe’, also known as MESA. It is the regional network for development NGO national platforms in Latin America and the Caribbean and its current membership count is at 18. It aims to formulate common response agendas to the many challenges present today in Latin America and the Caribbean by creating a space where NGOs may meet and engage in dialogue both together and with other political, governmental, non-governmental, social and academic actors.

REPAOC logoCONCORD are also partnered with ‘Le Reseau des Plates-Formes d’ONG d’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre’ who are also known as REPAOC. REPAOC is the regional network for development NGO national platforms in Western and Central Africa and it currently has 10 members. We believe that by building alliances with civil society organisations in other parts of the world, we can strengthen their influence on European Union policies that impact on sustainable development. This thus involves promoting any exchange of people or information that might be useful for their shared work, promoting the development of the two coalitions by eliciting political, logistical and financial support, and encouraging relations between the platforms belonging to each coalition.

We also enjoy close relationships with civil society platforms in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region) and the US.