The purpose of this report is to help improve the quality of the work of CSOs and EU delegations by identifying issues that regularly cause problems, and propose general solutions that would improve good practice.

This fourth report uses testimonies submitted by CSOs and their partners, of examples of both good and bad practice covering the years 2009 and 2010. It continues the approach agreed by the FDR, that depositions from CSOs would remain anaymous, and that specific EU delegations would not be linked to cases. This report focuses principally on issues concerning contract management, and should be read in tandem with the second CONCORD report, examining calls for proposals for the same period.

By identifying both weaknesses and examples of positive experiences, it is hoped that the monitoring process can help foster good management practices in a sustainable way.

A total of 93 testimonies were received from 32 CSOs in 10 different EU Member States including collective experiences provided through some Brussels-based networks of CSOs and comments directly from one overseas partner. Examples of this report relate to work in 48 different EU partner countries with 21 countries getting one or more positive mentions. Due to the small number of testimonies, CONCORD cannot make any firm conclusion from a statistical analysis and therefore, this report serves mainly to provide information on cases which constitute on-going concerns from CSOs.