The European Development Education Monitoring Report – “DE Watch” – was initiated by the European Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group on Development Education. It is part of the ongoing process and efforts by the European community of stakeholders in Global/Development Education to discuss and shape common perspectives, concepts, standards and co-ordinated policies in their area of engagement.

At its core, this report provides a detailed overview of Development Education (DE) policies, practices and funding in the 27 EU Member States and Norway. It takes into account the concepts and practices related to DE within the Formal Education Sector, the policies and approaches of national Ministries responsible for development and their subordinate agencies, as well as the activities of civil society actors, local and regional authorities.

Key findings and recommendations:

  • In countries where the different DE actors establish strong Coordination mechanisms, the DE sector mostly experiences vitalisation
  • If European citizens are to gain systematic access to quality DE, it is paramount that the Ministry and institutions responsible for education take the lead
  • DE actors and practices are particularly strong and sustainable in societies where DE is understood and conceptualised as part of good democratic practice within a globalised and interdependent world