The European Parliament votes in favour of 2015 as the year of Development Cooperation

What is a European Year?

Since 1983, the EU announces one topic to be the core attention for that year and for 2015, we want the topic to be development, issues of development would benefit from increased exposure and a special budget line.

Why a European Year for Development in 2015?


First proposed at CONCORD’s 2011 General Assembly, designating the year 2015 as the European Year for Development would be the first European Year to focus on a topic that lies mainly outside of the borders of the EU. As the end of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) fast approaches in 2015, CONCORD feels the dedicated year would give a strong boost to the on-going global process of elaborating a successor framework to the current Millennium Development Goals.


Support from EU institutions

  • On October 17 at the 2012 European Development Days CONCORD co-organised a panel about the iniative, with partipants from European institutions.

The event brought together a panel of high level and expert speakers whoey2015devphoto shared their opinions with the audience on why EY2015DEV matters. These experts consisted of MEP Charles Goerens representing the EP; Ms. Mercedes Bresso, the First Vice President of the Committee of the Regions; Ms. Brenda King, representing the EESC; Mr. Peteris Ustubs, representing the Cabinet of Commissioner Piebalgs, and Mr. Andris Gobins, representing the membership of CONCORD. Marius Wanders, Board Member of CONCORD, was moderator.

More info on the panel event here

  • On 23 October, the European Parliament voted in a large majority to call for 2015 to be a European Year for Development Cooperation. The vote came as part of an important report on EU Development Policy by Member of the European Parmiament, Charles Goerens.


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Press release from ALDE about 2015 being the European Year for Development