Country profiles of the legal framework for civil society organisations in Europe.

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are increasingly recognised as key players in promoting democratic governance, equitable development and inclusive growth. However in many countries they also face challenges relating to restricted legal and political space in which they operate.*

To be able to play their full potential, CSOs need a legal environment that gives them the space to act freely. This is a key demand of the new ‘CSO Development Effectiveness’ process that looks at improving the practices and operations of these organisations.

  • Read the country profiles to get an overview of the different legal frameworks in which CSOs operate across Europe.


Links for further information:

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* European Commission, Consultation on the future EU policy on “Civil Society Organisations in development cooperation” (checked 2 November 2012)

Please note that it is not a defnitive assessment or a judgement. We also realise that the legal framework might differ widely from the implementation or the situation on the ground.