CONCORD believes that the cuts proposed by Van Rompuy could have severely detrimental effects on developing countries.

(14/11/2012 Brussels) The European Union’s aid support to poor people from African, Caribbean & Pacific countries is facing a disproportianate and drastic cut in the latest EU budget proposals for 2014-2020 put forward by EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy.

The Van Rompuy proposals put forward a €3,335 billion cut to the European Development Fund, which is the largest part of the EU’s development aid budget.

Reacting was Concord Director Olivier Consolo:

“Van Rompuy’s plans will make no substantial financial savings by cutting aid to poor countries. Instead some of the poorest people in the world will pay the highest price and could lose vital aid support. EU aid works out to only €1.87 euro per citizen a month, and saves millions of lives around the world. We urgently need development champions to stand up for the EU aid budget”

Today over 2000 European NGOs sent a letter to the four European countries that are taking a lead in standing up for aid commitments; Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Luxembourg, that form the G.07 group. The letter calls on the G07 leaders to speak up for Europe’s development and humanitarian aid.


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Notes to Editors

1. CONCORD is the European NGO confederation for Relief and Development.  Its 27 national associations, 18 international networks and 2 associate members represent 1,800 NGOs which are supported by millions of citizens across Europe. CONCORD leads reflection and political actions and regularly engages in dialogue with the European institutions and other civil society organisations.

2. Van Rumpoy’s proposal is a lot lower than the Commission’s proposal of €30,319 billion, making the €3 335 million cut amount to 11%.

3. The European Development Fund (EDF) is the main instrument for providing Community development aid in the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries and the overseas countries and territories (OCTs).

4. The European Commission and European Parliament, along with NGOs across Europe, all opposed the previous cuts outlined by the Cyprus EU Presidency on 31 October.

5. Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, the UK and Norway created the G0.7% group. The g07 is a group of countries that have reached the 0.7 per cent target or are on a firm path towards reaching it: Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, and Denmark, which have all met and exceeded the 0.7 per cent target, and the UK, which has set out clear plans to spend 0.7 per cent of national income on official development assistance from 2013.

6. Read the CONCORD EU Budget Factsheet here