The last year’s debate on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has revealed a widespread support of the European Parliament to include considerations for the CAP impact on the world’s poorest and most food insecure people.

Key recommendations

  1. Establish a formal reference to the principle of Policy Coherence for Development and to the obligation under art 208 of the Lisbon Trearty in all new CAP legislative texts
  2. Include an external dimension in the already proposed CAP evaluation system enabling to monitor the CAP impact on developing countries in the spirit of Policy Coherence for Development
  3. Establish a formal compliant mechanism entitled to recieve and process complaints lodged by producer associations, citizens or community groups in developing countries affected by harmful deployment of CAP measures, which cause or threaten to cause, serious difficulties to smallholder producers in developing countries
  4. Ban export subsidies
  5. Take measures to easy EU’s dependence of unsustainable feedstuff imports
  6. Enhance global civil society cooperation on rural development