This letter is in regards to the ongoing discussions in the Council of the EU on its Conclusions on the Commission’s Communication on the Global Approach to Migration and Mobility (GAMM) and its Staff Working Paper on Migration and Development.

Key Messages

  1. Reinforce and materialise a migrants centred approach at the heart of EU migration policies
  2. Enhance the portability of pensions and social rights
  3. Put child protection considerations at the centre of the GAMM
  4. Ensure that circular migration policies and “brain gain” optimise the positive effects of migration for development
  5. Make Policy Coherence for Development a reality
  6. Recognize migrant integration as a core element of migration and development nexus
  7. Broaden the role of civil society and Diaspora in migration and development
  8. Guarantee that Mobility Partnerships take into account European and International human rights standards