CONCORD member organisations participated in the conference organised jointly by DG Development Cooperation and DG Home Affairs on the 11th April, and we acknowledge this Discussion Paper as a timely and welcomed initiative from DG Development Cooperation in the process leading to the review of the Global Approach to Migration (GAM).

Key points

  • The Discussion Paper refers to enhancing the external dimension of the EU’s migration policy “to meet the policy objectives and interests of the EU” but not the development objectives
  • The review of the GAM should be the opportunity to verify the common basline and objectives of the Mobility Partnership instrument
  • The proposed approach centered on the migrants must be rooted on Human rights
  • The Discussion Paper is characterised by a complete lack of analysis about the specificity of women’s migration and the needs of migrant women
  • The responsibilities of Member States in the elaboration and implementation of national and European policies and legislation on migration is not mentioned in the Discussion Paper
  • The particular issue of countries of transit is not reflected, while it is a crucial aspect for many of the issues addressed in this Discussion Paper