Today the UK Chancellor announced as part of his budget speech that the UK will meet its commitment to spend 0.7% of gross national income this year on aid. This means that the UK will become the 6th donor to reach the target, the only G8 country to do so.

CONCORD welcomes this as a significant achievement for all those who have campaigned for 0.7% for many years and it is a positive example, showing that even in difficult economic times it is possible for government to keep their promise to the world’s poorest people.
For Wiske Jult, Co-chair of CONCORD’s AidWatch initiatve:
“This is an historic moment with the UK joining just 5 other donors in meeting the commitment to spend 0.7% of national income on development aid. This aid will help to save millions of lives and to create the economic circumstances for people to pull themselves out of poverty. These are difficult times for all of us but spending just 0.7 of national income to help the world’s poorest and most marginalised people is the right thing to do and the smart thing to do. We hope that many other EU member states will continue to strive to meet their aid commitments.”