The European Union (EU) is a key actor in financing for development. It is home to many transnational companies and has a globally significant financial sector. It is the biggest provider of Official Development Assistance (ODA), and a major exporter and importer from the global south.

Concord, Eurodad and CAN Europe propose 12 specific actions as an initial test of the EU’s ambition and credibility in the upcoming global negotiations on financing for development of a new global sustainable development framework including post-2015 development goals, the post-Rio sustainability goals, and climate change financing


We urge the EU to go beyond restating old commitments and adopt the proactive, positive and powerful measures below:

          Take action in the EU – put our own house in order

          Stop undermining the policy space partner countries need to lead their own development

          Increase and improve external public financing

          Help prevent future finance and debt crises