New position paper by the Lithuanian Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisation.

Lithuanian NGDO Platform urges Lithuanian Government to seize the historic opportunity to help developing countries 

On October 8, 2013, the NGDO Platform presented to the public the Lithuanian Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations’ Position on Development Cooperation Policy Issues for the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The representatives of the NGDO Platform claim that Lithuania should make significant progress in shaping a new approach to development through actual implementation of the Policy Coherence for Development (PCD). Whilst mobilising enough resources to finance the development, however, developing countries often face a number of barriers, largely because of tax dodging by transnational companies that take advantage of inadequate international regulation. PCD is seen as a main instrument to change this practice and to achieve the desired results in a global development agenda.

As the current Presidency of the EU, NGDO Platform urges Lithuania to seize the historical opportunity to help developing countries during the Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Full text of the Lithuanian NGDO Platform position can be found here.


Lithuanian NGDO Platform presents its Presidency manifesto. From the right:

Vice Speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament Petras Austrevicius, NGDO Platform Board member Ruta Svarinskaite, CONCORD PCD coordinator Sarah Kristine Johansen, NGDO Policy Officer Giedre Birzyte.