By CONCORD Director Seamus Jeffreson
(please note that the documents to which Seamus refer to do not exist anymore)
Dear colleagues,
One of CONCORD’s priorities last year was to engage in a wide ranging discussion within the confederation about a new political narrative, a new ambition for us and for our sector.
This was a major undertaking involving thousands of participants; members, partners and experts that took part in extensive consultations and conversations using innovative communications and discussion techniques such as crowd sourcing, webinars, work with selected ‘pioneers’, a research project and many post-it notes and flip charts…
A process that aimed not only to discuss the core issues but also to develop better ways of engaging people in a debate.
The results
The Political narrative was a great learning experience that gathered a rich variety of inputs and different levels of engagement from across the membership.
We’ve gathered all this up into a compendium cataloging the activities undertaken and views harvested throughout the political narrative exercise. This provides a valuable record not only of the ideas and proposals generated, but also the techniques used to draw out our new narrative.
There is also a short summary document ‘The story of a new storytelling’ describing the political narrative process.
An alternative vision for CONCORD was also produced within the Group tasked with pulling all the Political narrative strands together. Rather than representing a definitive new vision for the Confederation, the alternative vision presents us with a discussion document to stimulate further debate. It serves to continue our conversation about CONCORD’s role as an effective agent of change in society. Read it here. Members can comment on the document via CONCORDnet.
Moving onto the new Strategy
The CONCORD board has mandated a task force to design an open and participatory process for developing a new Strategy. The task force is developing a plan detailing how and when everyone will be able to participate in this important (and – yes, exciting…) process. This will be communicated next month.
I am looking forward to continuing the conversation begun in the political narrative process with all of you and to developing our new strategy together.